Lights Decay

by Edge Of Haze

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Tyler This EP is amazing.
Each track is a journey to listen to.
The tones and progression of the songs are superb.
The screams are very Melodic, while the clean vocals are very strong and refreshing.
This is a great band and a very solid EP Favorite track: Reach.
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LIGHTS DECAY is a spin-off EP from the 2014 album ILLUMINE, featuring special versions of the songs and one previously unreleased track from the sessions.

The EP will be available July 1st at as a “Pay What You Want”-download and on Spotify/Apple Music.


released July 1, 2015

Produced, mixed and engineered by Tuomas Yli-Jaskari & Lenno Linjama

Recorded at Sonic Pump Studios (Helsinki, Finland) and Pakkas Studios (Espoo, Finland)

Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds (Brighton, UK)

Album cover by Markus Hentunen. Artwork by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design.



all rights reserved


Edge Of Haze Espoo, Finland

Treading the lines between heavy and sensitive since 2010

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Track Name: The Newfound Horizon
Foaming Ocean

Endless Horizon

Astir in the light of the dawn

I woke up lost

On a shimmering shoreline

Not where I'd laid my head at night

At the end of the road

Never lies another day to be astray

How did I end up in here out of nowhere?
No sign of the dark, no recall

A distinct feel of being home
Arose with the morning sun

Why wouldn't I stay if I feel I belong?

On a journey worth a lifetime abroad

By the wavy sea
Misty roads are behind me
A sublime privilege to be
On these shores of liberty

But one more time I turned to see
The world I have left behind me
Without words staring aghast
The smoke rising behind the vast
Track Name: Unlearn
No restrictions
Unmade roads leading nowhere
That's what I want
To break the shackles and forget them
No one around to tell me where I belong
This independence is making me stronger

A sea of trees
Surrounds me

Gone for good
Building up my sanity
By unlearning
Renewed for good
Learning to live
By unlearning

Resurrected from absence
Reborn on the run
Arisen from the mist
Cherished by the sun
How can a single thought of bliss
Redeem my time in the abyss

Resurrected from absence
Reborn on the run
Arisen from the mist of fear-saturated sun
How can a single deed
Give me all I need

Unlearning to give my life away
Track Name: Into the Red Sun
I made my choice
I could not stay
At the red sun's dawn
I'm on my way
Creeping the silent streets
Watching out not to tread
In the revealing red

Through the morning haze
Searching my way out of this maze
The shimmer is not so gray
Behind this alleyway

I am out

The day I thought I'd never see
My veins are filled with liberty
I pierce the system of greed
Redeem my pain with this deed
Sensations arising from novelty

The steel transforming into lea
The menacing shadow throbs internally
Away from oppression
Leap into the wild

Cut loose
Off benighted sleep

Cut loose
Off living benighted

Mountains loom
Spreading across my eyes
I can see the red sun rise
Track Name: Crushed
Rusty and grey, lights decay
Derelict houses are rampant
Smog covers the air as a pall
Stagnation in front of us all

Atmosphere of fear
Visibly subordinate mass
No resistance at all
Just people obeying their call

Notably vague vision
In the eyes of the folk
Was I the same before
the realization

Praise reign
Woe as our mandatory load
Leads into alienation
The barren souls are crushed into the ground
Their dreams were never true

Atmosphere of fear
Visibly subordinate mass
Constantly observed area
I must flee from here

Rusty and grey is the new day
In the eyes of the folk
Was I the same before
A travesty of man

Our dreams were never true
They were never true
Track Name: Reach
I kept my eyes peeled on a loophole
Used the chance I had and got through 
In the outer side of a broken past 
Sensing the freedom at last 
An upbeat outcast 

Skies are illumined 
Decaying lights are just a relic of the bygone times 
This newfound mindset allows me to be
Beyond the system that restrained me 

I reach to reclaim the view I had 
Lost it in the pressure couldn't stay intact 
But now my eyes are open wide to see 
The light in redemption 

Right there right before my eyes 
The shimmering periphery to freedom lies 
And now my eyes are open wide to see 
The light in redemption 

I'm loose from the fading lifelines
Building solely on my needs 
But I made a choice to be 
destined into uncertainty 

What if they find you when
you're weak alone unwell
Are you willing to cross the line?

Your lifelines will be few
As forsaken all you knew
For the sake of your notion

See the light 
A border to freedom 

What if they find me when
I'm weak alone unwell
Am I willing to cross the line?

After taking this step
Which I soon might regret
There is no going back